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What is Mcq cloud computing?

This set of Computer Fundamentals Multiple Choice Questions & Answers MCQs (MCQs), focuses on aCloud Computinga. Cloud providers offer cloud services for cloud customers. Explanation: This statement is true. Three types of users are often called cloud stakeholders.

What are the pros and cons of cloud computing Mcq

Here are some cloud computing's advantages and disadvantages:

Cloud's Advantages Cloud's disadvantages
There are no administrative or management headaches Infrastructure is subject to a limited control
Accessibility is easy Limited or restricted flexibility
Pay per use Permanent costs
Reliability Security

Lastly, the question is: What are cloud computing interview questions? 1. Compare Cloud and On-Premise Computing.

Criteria Cloud On-premise
Initial cost Low High
Support and maintenance Hassle-free Attention is needed
Upgrade Automatic Manual
Scalability Excellent Good

What does it mean to cloud computing?

Cloud computing refers to a form of computing that uses shared computing resources, rather than local servers or personal devices. Access to applications, storage and other services can be done via the Web.

What are the economic advantages of cloud Mcq?

A proper deployment can result in significant savings and better IT services.

  • 1) Lower costs
  • 2) Cap-Ex Free Computing
  • 3) Accelerate the deployment of projects and foster innovation
  • 4) Scale as Required.
  • 5) Lower maintenance costs
  • 6) Redundancy and resilience