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What is an inquiry?

An inquiry-based project involves a group or students who investigate a question, problem, idea, or issue. Inquiry studies start with a problem, question, exploration or topic that offers opportunities to create or contribute to the world's knowledge.

This being said, which are the three types of inquiry?

In inquiry-based instruction, there are four types of inquiry:

  • Confirmation inquiry. Confirmation inquiry.
  • Structured inquiry
  • Guided inquiry
  • Open inquiry.

What is an inquiry cycle, other than the above? 2.1 Cyclic Inquiry model. The Inquiry Cycle encourages students to ask questions and to answer them using collected information. This should result in the creation of new ideas or concepts. The activity ends with the creation of a document that attempts to answer the initial questions.

What is an inquiry question, other than the one above?

Students can use inquiry-based questions to explore science, technology engineering and mathematics. Students analyze and collect data in order to find a possible answer.

Is there an example of inquiry-based learning?

Example of inquiry-based learning