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What is a client trust account?

Definition: A trust account refers to a bank account that a lawyer maintains when he receives or holds money for clients or other third parties. Lawyers are not allowed to combine personal funds and funds received as fiduciaries for clients or third parties.

What is a client trust fund used for?

Client trust accounts guarantee that money clients have isn't subject to seizing by creditors of law offices or from lawyers with personal financial problems. Client trust accounts provide insurance that the client's money will not be taken before the resolution of their legal matter.

What is a public trust account? An IOLTA (Interest on Lawyers Trust account) is an account where lawyers have funds that are not in the client's possession right now or that are disputed. These funds must be protected by lawyers in an account at a financial institution. Most commonly, a bank.

What is a California client trust account?

Client Trust Accounts, and IOLTA. An attorney may hold client funds in an account designated as a Client trust account. The interest earned will go directly to the client if there is a significant amount of money involved.

Are Lawyers Trust Accounts Secure?

Attorney trust accounts are crucial to ensure that money given by clients to lawyers or to third-parties is safe, not mixed with funds from law firms or misused in an incorrect way. Even new lawyers don't understand the concept of attorney trust accounts.