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What is a bill of sale for real estate?

A bill for sale is a legal document that a seller makes to a buyer. It reports that the seller sold a certain item of personal property or a parcel of real properties to which he had.

How do you create a bill for the sale of a house?

Include in your bill of sale

  1. The seller's name, address.
  2. The buyer's name, address.
  3. A description of the item being sold, including serial number, identification numbers, make and model, size, color, design, any distinguishing markings, features, or faults [source : Cooper].

Also, find out who issues the bill of sale. A bill of sale is a document that a seller uses in order to document the sale of an item. It is used as a receipt for personal sales or purchases. It also includes information about the buyer and seller, the location of the goods, and the price.

So, what is included on a bill of sale?

A bill of sale should at least include information about the parties to the transaction (the seller and buyer), the total purchase price and a description of the item being sold. Motor vehicle sales should include the reading of the odometer at the time of the transfer.

What length of time is a bill-of-sale valid?

Check the registration. The lender must register the bill of sale at the High Court within seven calendar days of the agreement's signing. Otherwise, it will be invalid. To keep it valid, the bill must be re-registered every five year if the loan term exceeds five years.