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What gardening zone is Queens NY?

Queens County, New York, is located in USDA Hardiness Zones 7a & 7b.

This is where you will find the New York gardening zone.

Long Island, New York, is within the USDA Plant Hariness Zones 7a, 7b. These zones have an annual average temperature of 0-10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Similar to the previous question, which Brooklyn NY gardening zone? ZIPcode 11215 – Brooklyn New York resides in Hardiness Areas 7b.

What is my growing zone?

A hardiness zone is a designation in a plant description or gardening catalog that indicates the USDA map. Enter your zip code to find your USDA hardiness zone. Or, use the map below. For more information on hardiness maps, click here. Use the map below to find your zone or enter your zip code.

Which growing zone is Albany NY?

Similar New York Maps

New York Location USDA Hardiness Zone(s).
Airmont Zone 6b
Akron Zone 6a
Albany Zone 5b, 6a
Albany County Zone 5a, Zone 5b, and 6a