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What are you going to say at the reenlistment ceremony

I (name) solemnly swear that I will defend and support the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, domestic and foreign; that I will be true to faith and allegiance; and that my obedience will be to the President of The United States and the officers appoint

Another question is: What is a reenlistment ceremonies?

A reenlisting ceremony is when the Sailor making a personal commitment makes it. A public forum for the wearing of the national cloth with honor, courage and commitment. Reenlistment. This is a major milestone in the life of an enlisted soldier.

Second, can a retired officer administer the oath to enlistment It cannot be, the officer who administers the oath must be an active or retired commissioned officer.

What do you wear to a ceremony of reenlistment?

How to Dress Military Wives for Your Husband's Promotion or Reenlistment Ceremony Two words: Business Casual. Nice pants/pants and a nice shirt. If you don't like pants, a nice skirt is the best option.

What is the best time to reenlist a soldier?

The Army has a long-standing policy that soldiers must re-enlist within 90 days of their ETS. Soldiers will not have more than nine months to complete a service extension contract or reenlistment contract once they reach the 12-month eligibility window.