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What are you going to do with green peppercorns

Also, green peppercorns are available in brine jars; can use them whole or chopped in salad dressings and potato salad dressings.

What else can you use green peppercorns?

Young berries are mildly tart, full of heat, but lack in complexity. They are best suited to lighter foods like vegetables and chicken.

Another question that may be asked is, "How do you use dried green peppercorns?" Rehydrate by soaking in water for at least 20 minutes. To rehydrate dried peppercorns, you can use wine, liquor or vegetable stock or water. This will allow them to retain their original flavor and allow them to infuse with new flavors. To get the best out of dried green peppercorns, use them quickly.

How do you store green peppercorns in your home?

It will turn black in a matter of hours even if it is refrigerated. To prevent freezer burn, remove the peppercorn strings and rinse them.

What can I substitute for green peppercorns

Although brined capers have a tartness you won't get from green peppercorns it pairs well with many of the flavors in dishes that use green peppercorns. Capers can be used as a substitute for green peppercorns in any recipe.