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What are some transition words for an introduction?

In addition to, furthermore and moreover, there is also, or rather, another, equally, important, first, second etc., then, next, and so forth, in The second, subsequent, similarly, in , the exact same way, such as

Let's just say that. What are some opening words?

51 useful transition words

All things considered Earlier Similar
For example, Hence Hence
Before Here So
Other than But To start with
Beyond Additional to To summarize

What is a "part of speech"? Transition words can be used as a "part" of speech to link sentences, words, and phrases. They allow the reader to move from one idea (expressed in the author's words) to another. They help build coherent relationships in the text.

How do you convert an introduction into a paragraph in the body?

These four tips will help you improve your paragraph transitions.

  1. Transition words. Transition words are used to guide the reader to connections between ideas, particularly for a change in ideas.
  2. Topic Sentences. Start with a topic sentence at the beginning of every supporting paragraph.
  3. Organization.
  4. Relationships.

What are the three types of transitions?

There are three types of transitions: Between sentences Transitions - These are used when sentences are not fully related and ideas must be connected.

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