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Is terrazzo supposed to be sealed?

Terrazzo floors must be sealed due to the concrete component of the flooring. This will protect grouting and prevent stains from getting into the floor. New floors can be sealed using a water-based, hard surface sealer. Two coats may be required for terrazzo floors that are older.

How do you seal terrazzo floors?

Sealing Directions: Seal the surface for between 6-12 hours, except if you are using StoneTech Heavy Duty Sealer. This can be applied within 1 hour. Spread undiluted StoneTech Heavy Duty sealer using a mop or microfiber pad, a roller, or paintpad. Spread the product evenly across the entire floor.

How do you clean and polish Terrazzo, other than the above? Terrazzo Cleaning & Polishing

  1. To remove dirt and dust, sweep the entire floor.
  2. Use water to mix a neutral or slightly acidic cleanser according to the label directions.
  3. Place the cleaner and water solution on the floor, and let it sit for several minutes.

How is Terrazzo maintained?

Daily maintenance of terrazzo floors includes mopping, dusting and cleaning stubborn stains using a neutral cleaner that is diluted in warmwater. A damp mop can also be used to clean lightly stained floors once a week. Terrazzo-specific maintenance products will have a neutral pH, and are free from harsh chemicals.

What is the life expectancy of terrazzo?

75 years