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Last Updated: 18th Jun 2024

Is Neoflam induction?

Neoflam cookware can be used on gas, ceramic and halogen cook-tops. However, there are some items that are induction compatible. Only cookware with a magnet base is compatible with induction cook tops. Induction-compatible cookware will adhere if the magnet sticks.

Is Neoflam also safe?

Neoflam nonstick pans are durable, scratch-resistant, oven safe, lightweight, and easy to clean. Teflon and other nonstick cookware also contains PTFE, as well as other dangerous chemicals (PFOA is also used to make PTFE).

Also, where is Neoflam cookware manufactured? Neoflam Products are made by South Korea and China.

People also ask: What is Neoflam made from?

The Neoflam pans are made with Natural EcolonTM, a nonstick ceramic coating made from sand and stone. It is a safe and healthy alternative to toxic PTFE nonstick coatings.

Is Neoflam BPA-free?

All Neoflam cutting boards have no BPA or ABS.