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Last Updated: 25th Feb 2024

How long should you wait between coats?

Two to four hours

Do I really need to wait for 4 hours between coats?

It will no longer be tacky after it has had time to cure. You can apply another coat if it isn't sticky and soft. The general rule is that you can apply your second layer of paint between 2 and 4 hours following the first coat. You'll make a mess if you wait too long.

Another question that may be asked is, "How do I apply the second coat of paint?" The first coat must be allowed to dry before you apply the second. The type of paint that you use will determine how long it takes to dry. Usually, you can apply another coat of latex (water based) paint within two to four hours. Oil-based paints require that you wait 24 hours before applying another coat.

Also, is it possible to wait too long between coats?

Don't apply a second coat too soon! This can cause damage to your entire painting job. For a recommended drying time, refer to the instructions on the paint can. If you are still not sure, wait 24 hours.

What is the limit on how many coats of paint you can apply?

2 coats