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How can you set a minute hand loose on a clock?

Push the hour hand towards the clock shaft. The hourhand is held by friction. Pushing it back onto the shaft will tighten . After you have tightened the hour-hand , turn it to the right time. Hold the minute hand in place by tightening the nut at the shaft's end.

The same goes for why my clock hands won't move.

You might have tightened the hex nut too much if you are running a slow clock. Give the second hand a quick flick to make sure it is moving . If the battery doesn't move, turn it backwards for a few moments and then it will start moving again.

What is the best way to tighten a loose watch on your hand? Place the hour hand of your watch in the middle using your tweezers. Push down on the hand until the hand is attached to the central post. Align the hour position on your watch. Handling the hands can be dangerous as they are fragile.

This being said, how can you stop a clock from losing its time?


  1. For power, check the batteries at the back of your clock. If the batteries are corroded or bad, replace them.
  2. If the clock is running slowly or too fast, set the time by using the minute hand. It may be erratic to set the clock at the hour hand.
  3. Tip. Tip.

Is it possible to turn the clock backwards?

There is no standard, it all depends on the clock. Many of my customers are stunned when I move the hands backwards on their clocks . More than 95% of clocks made in the past 60 or 70 years have been designed to allow you to safely turn the minute hand counterclockwise.