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How can I get from SeaTac, Oregon to Portland?

Buses are the best option to travel from Portland to SeaTac Airport. They take 3h40m and cost $16 – $25. You can also train for $30-$50 and take 3h47m. Or, fly for $35-$180 and take 2h 26m.

How do I get from Seattle Airport in Washington to Portland?

Flying is the best way to travel from Portland to Seattle Airport(SEA). It takes between 2h 26m to 3h 30m and costs $35-$180. You can also bus or line 574 bus for $16-$25, and it takes 3h 30m. Or, you could train for $30- $50, and it takes 3h 37m.

Second, is it possible to take a train between Portland and Seattle? Amtrak operates five trains per day between Seattle, Portland, and the Coast Starlight long-distance train. It's only a short walk or taxi ride to get to downtown hotels from Portland's station. You don't need to own a car because the city is compact and has good public transportation. You can even take your bike with you on the train.

How long does it take from Portland to Seattle?

1 1/2-3 hours

How far is Seattle Airport from Portland Oregon?

135 miles