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Does Tilux contain asbestos?

Tilux was a fibrous asbestos cement sheet that could be used as a wet area in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Other asbestos-containing bathroom products were also manufactured by the same manufacturer and sold under the trade names "Versilux" and "Villaboard".

Herein, does Wunderflex contain asbestos?

Wunderflex, as you know, was asbestos sheeting with an opaque painted surface that was used in place for tiles. For corners and joins, the sheet is held in place mainly with an extruded aluminum system. This asbestos is safe enough to be handled using the same precautions as all bound asbestos. These are available on numerous web sites.

How do I determine if it is asbestos? Steps

  1. Date the material. To determine if the insulation contains asbestos, check the label for the manufacturer and the product name.
  2. Take a look at the joints.
  3. Analyze surface patterns.
  4. Examine exterior building materials.
  5. Investigate interior panels.
  6. Take a look at appliances and finishes.
  7. Evaluate the area.

You may also wonder if old Villaboard contains asbestos.

This PDF from the federal department of health (page 59), states that production of villaboards containing asbestos stopped around 1981.

Is grout made with asbestos?

[49] states that although the tiles themselves are unlikely to contain asbestos but the grout and bedding could contain asbestos. Demolishment of tile can expose grout and bedding.