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Do they draw blood at first prenatal appointment?

Your doctor or midwife will take your blood at your first visit to perform a series of tests called the prenatal panel. These tests are performed to detect problems early in pregnancy.

People also ask: What labs are done during the first prenatal visit?

These are the most common tests you will have at your first prenatal appointment.

  • Urine test. You may have your urine tested for bacteria, glucose (sugar), protein, white blood cells, blood, and glucose.
  • Bloodwork.
  • Screening for genetic carriers
  • STD testing.
  • Pap smear.
  • A blood sugar test.

You may also be curious about the purpose of the first pregnancy blood test. Early pregnancy blood tests Your doctor or midwife will request a blood test to determine your blood type and to check for other health issues. These tests can determine your rubella immunity and whether you have hepatitis B, HIV or syphilis.

What will happen then at my first prenatal appointment

If necessary, you will also be given a physical exam and an ultrasound during your first appointment. Patients also have the opportunity to meet with an obstetrics nursing professional for follow-up care or prenatal education.

Are you able to get a pap test at your first prenatal appointment?

A Pap test is an important part of routine ob-gyn visits. You'll likely have one at your first prenatal appointment. Depending on which lab you use, Pap results can usually be obtained within one to two week.