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Can you purchase Canyon bikes in the US

This German company manufactures high-end mountain, triathlon, commuter and road bikes. It sells in over 100 countries. Canyon has just made its American debut, despite its roots dating back to 1984. Canyon is sold online at directly to customers. There are no bike shops or middlemen.

This is why you might be wondering where to buy Canyon bikes.

Canyon bikes can only be purchased online or at its Koblenz store. Canyon bikes are available for purchase in many countries, including the Middle East, Australasia and Central/South America.

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Are there any Canyon bikes for sale?

The company was incorporated as a bicycle manufacturer in 2001 and adopted the name "Canyon Bicycles". The company was able to hire frame designers and engineers and it began to grow. Canyon sells bikes online and delivers them to customers' homes using a direct sales model.

Where are Canyon mountain bikes manufactured?

Canyon Bicycles GmbH (abbr. Canyon is a German manufacturer that makes racing bikes, mountain bikes, and triathlon bikes. It is located in Koblenz.