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Can I log into Kronos from home?

After the app has been installed, the Kronos Mobile icon appears on your device's screen. You can either access the app from the device homepage screen or settings. Click Log On to enter your Kronos username, password, and click

How can I remotely access Kronos?

  1. Kronos Mobile App Install.
  2. Open the Store app on your device (e.g. App Store, Google Play, etc. ).
  3. After the app is downloaded, you can tap the Kronos mobile icon to launch it.
  4. In the Server field, enter the following URL:
  5. Tap Continue to open the log screen
  6. When prompted, tap Allow Kronos to send you.

You may also want to know how to log in to Kronos for the first-time. Logging In: Visit a KRONOS.HOUSTONTX.GOV 6. Enter your 6-digit employee number 7. Example: e123456 (6-digits) and e012345 (5digits). Click the arrow to enter your temporary password, Password01*.

How do I log in to Kohls Kronos?

Login to Kohl's Connection

  1. Log in to Kohl's Connection by visiting the official website.
  2. After completing the registration process at Kohl's Connect, enter the User ID/Password.
  3. Click on login option.

What is the server address of Kronos Mobile?

a. Server: 5.