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Are pallet walls safe?

Wood pallets were once treated with harmful chemicals to eradicate pests and diseases. The treatments of today are more safe . To kill living organisms, they simply heat up the wood. Pallets that don't have this stamp (left), are probably not safe for indoor walls or surfaces where people might sit or eat.

Also, can you use pallet wood indoors?

Domestic pallets are safe because they are not exposed to chemicals. You should still be cautious. These pallets are used by many crafters safely. However, it is best to trace their origins.

Do pallets contain chemicals, other than the ones mentioned above? Mold treatments and MB are the main chemicals found on pallets. The MB is dissipated upon contact with air, while mold treatments (which can be applied to some HT-stamped Pallets, contrary to advice) are dissipated in 15-30 days. This is long enough for the pallet craftsmen to get rid of the affected pallets.

How can you tell if a pallet has been damaged or is it safe?

This stamp is the best way to identify a safe pallet to use for your home projects. This stamp is an accredited heat treatment stamp that can be used to treat wood packaging in Canada, as regulated by the CWPCA.

Are pallets safe for gardening?

Most likely, pallets that have been heat-treated and debarked are safe to use. Avoid pallets with methyl bromide treatment or pallets without an IPPC logo. These pallets can be used for furniture or food gardening.