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Are chafer beetles a threat?

They don't do any damage to adults. They are very short-lived and don not bite nor sting. Adult European Chafers are brown or tan beetles that resemble June beetles. They measure 1.5cm in height. Chafer control is recommended if more than 10 grubs are detected per section.

How can you eliminate chafer beetles from your home?

Chafer beetle infestations can be treated naturally

  1. Nematodes (Heterorhabditis Bacteriophora) can be purchased at your local garden and lawn store.
  2. You should mow your lawn to the consistency of a sponge.
  3. You can apply nematodes to your lawn at a rate approximately 50,000,000 nematodes for 139 square metres (1500 sq. feet).

Are cockchafer beetles also dangerous? Cockchafers can be seen in the garden on May evenings, buzzing about the garden. This is why they are sometimes called the "May bug". Although they are large and noisy, they are harmless to humans. They can cause serious damage to crops and garden plants.

Do chafer beetles fly here?

One year is the life span of an European chafer. On warm summer evenings, adult chafers ( honeybeetles), swarm in mating flight. To mate, the beetles will usually fly to tall, vertical structures.

Do Cockchafers bite or sting?

Cockchafers are often seen gathered on top of buildings. Cockchafers are active late at night and can enter buildings through windows or down chimneys. They aren't dangerous to your health and don't bite or sting.