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Who was born March 30, 1998?

Celebrities - "FAMOUS BRIRTHDAYS 30 MARCH" (263).
Warren Beatty (* Mar 30,, 1937). actor, director, scriptwriter US
Tracy Chapman (* Mar 30,, 1964). singer US
Francisco de Goya (*Mar 30, 1746) Painter ES
Vincent Van Gogh (* Mar 30,, 1853). Painter NL
Samantha Stosur (* Mar 30,, 1984). tennis player AU

Similar, who was born on March 31st?

Celebrities - "FAMOUS BRIRTHDAYS 31 MARCH" (278).

Ewan McGregor (*Mar 31, 1971) actor, scriptwriter
Christopher Walken (*Mar 31, 1943) Actor
Richard Chamberlain (*Mar 31, 1934) Actor
Alejandro AmenA!bar (*Mar 31, 1972) composer, director, scriptwriter
Al Gore (*Mar 31, 1948). 45th Vice President of United States, politician

What is the March 30th sign? Aries

What happened then on the 30th of March?

March 30, Sport The Queensboro Bridge, which connects Queens and Manhattan in New York City, opens. The Treaty of Paris is signed. It ends the Crimean War. New York City signs the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. Art Fleming hosts Jeopardy!

What's so special about 31 March?

On March 31, National Tater Day, is celebrated annually. This day is dedicated to the potato, which is loved by nearly everyone and provides us essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.