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What is the voltage that is sent to a furnace spark igniter?

The igniter is located within the flow of gas entering burners. The thermostat will call for heat 24 volts. These are sent to an electronic ignition control module that energizes other systems and then sends 120 volts back to the HSI. The HSI heats up at around 1,800F to 2,500F and glows red.

How long should Furnace Ignitor be able to last?

Four to seven years

Why do furnace ignitors sometimes fail? The most common reason furnace ignitors fail is that the ignitor does not turn off when the furnace's gas is ignited. The ignitor will be short-lived if the ignition is left on for a prolonged time. They will be burned quickly if they are exposed to too much voltage, such as 80 volts.

You should also know that you can manually light a gas stove with an electronic ignition.

You cannot manually light a furnace equipped with an electronic igniter. You might be able to make the furnace work by turning off and then resetting the igniter. To locate the reset button/switch, you will need to find the documentation for the furnace.

What is the cost of replacing a furnace ignitor in your area?

A professional furnace ignitor repair will cost you around $195. This affordable furnace repair costs between $30 and $245. The cost of emergency repairs can reach $300 or higher.