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What is Switch Navigator?

Switch Navigation: This lets you navigate between screens. It can only load one screen at once. It does not have back functionality and resets the route when switching screen. This is useful for authentication when you need to reset the state between screens.

So, what exactly is Switch Navigator in react native

The Switch navigator allows you to switch between screens and routes. It won't save your back stack or navigation past. If you have an app that has a login screen and a screen for dashboard, you don't want users to navigate back to dashboard screen using the back button.

The next question is: Does Facebook use react router? Another misconception is that React Router Library (RR) is Facebook's official routing solution. The majority of Facebook projects don't even utilize it. A tiny custom router can be used to route a wide range of web applications and use cases.

Also, know how to make a tab on react?

Building a tabs component with React

  1. Tabs that display a list clickable Tab components across top. They also hold a state for which tabs are active and the contents of active tabs below the list.
  2. Tab displays the tab's title, handles click events, and lets the Tabs component know which tab was clicked.

What is router in reactJS?

Router. React Router is a library that allows routing with React. It allows navigation between views of different components within a React Application. It also allows you to change the browser URL. The UI is kept in sync with that URL.