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What is a tank platoon, exactly?

A Tank Platoon is a group of four tanks. This has been the case since at least 1986. The Platoon is the smallest maneuver element in tanks. A Tank Platoon consists of four tanks. It was established at least in 1986. The Company or Troop is the next size unit for tanks, depending on whether they are an armored or cavalry unit.

Who commands a tank platoon here?

Support weapons platoons, such as mortar and anti-tank platoons, are usually larger and are commanded generally by a captain with a colour Sergeant (or WO2 as 2ic). There are sections that can be seven-man teams, such as the Warrior within armored units. It only holds seven soldiers.

What is the difference between a tank or a tank destroyer? While tanks are built to combat all threats, Tank Destroyers were designed for the sole purpose of eliminating enemy tanks. They were created solely for the destruction of enemy tank. You'll find them carrying larger guns and more powerful guns, but no turrets.

Second, how many people are in a platoon of?

A platoon is typically composed of 16 to 44 soldiers. It is usually led by a lieutenant and has an NCO as the second in command. A platoon typically consists of three to five sections or squads. A company can have three to five platoons, and 60 to 200 soldiers.

What number of tanks does an armored division need?

An armor brigade may have 2 to 3 tanks battalions. A armored division usually has three tanks battalions, but it could also have four brigades that might contain 7 or 8 tank regimentalions.