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What is a Sensor Microwave and how do you use it?

Definitions of Microwave Sensor Cooking. A microwave with sensor controls does not require you to touch "Start" after pressing the pad. The sensor senses steam from the food being cooked and adjusts the cooking times accordingly. This feature allows you to cook four to sixteen ounces frozen vegetables.

How does a sensor microwave function?

Answer: Microwave sensor cooking measures the vapor (moisture, humidity) that is released from food as it heats. The sensor cooking option can be used by pressing the desired mode. You can use Sensor Reheat to heat foods.

The next question is: What does a humidity sensor do inside a microwave oven? The humidity sensor is used to control the microwave oven's operation. It determines the humidity level in the cooking cavity and controls the cooking process automatically.

What is a smart sensor in a microwave?

Auto Sensor detects the moisture in the food and allows you to cook it automatically. There are many types of moistures that can be generated when cooking. Before the auto sensor, food could be prepared with spices, herbs or browning sauces.

Is sensor cooking equivalent to convection?

Convection microwave ovens use the fan to circulate hot air and radio-frequency energy to heat, bake and cook food. Convection microwaves can be equipped with sensor cooking and auto chef cooking, which allow for faster cooking times. This makes the meals more delicious.