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What happens if you have a negative variable

Negative numbers are ones that are lower than zero. Negative Coefficients are those that attach to variables . negative co-efficients terms can be combined, if they are similar terms. The graph's nature can be altered completely when graphing functions have negative coefficients.

How can you eliminate a negative number?

Two negative signs can cancel each other. If you have a even number or zero negative sign, the answer will be positive. If there are more negative signs than positive, the answer is negative.

Second, is it possible to have a negative variable. Variables can either be positive or negative in nature. A negative variable multiplied by a positive variables will create a negativeproduct. For example, -x * y = -xy. If the variable is the exact same, add an exponent of 2.

How can you make a negative situation into a positive?

Simply multiply a negative number with -1 to get a positive number. Below is a list of cells that contain negative number. To convert them to positive, you will need to enter cell B2 the formula and drag it to the end.

Is the variance possible to be negative?

Negative variance means you have made an error. This is because it is the average squared deviation of the mean. Negative variance can't be calculated by adding up non-negative numbers.