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What happens if you don't have a permit to drive a boat?

Is there a penalty for operating a boat in the absence of a license? The Pleasure Craft Operator Card, also known as a boating license, is subject to a $250 penalty.

Consider this: How much does a ticket cost to drive a boat on a lake without a permit?

A $250 fine is assessed for the inability to obtain the Pleasure Craft Operator Card, also known as a boating licence.

Do you need a license to operate a boat? Many states require boaters to complete a certified and official boater education course. A Boater Education Card, also known as a "boater’s license", is proof you have completed the state’s official and approved boating safety training course. It is simple to get started.

Is it possible to drive a boat without a license?

A boat can be driven by an unlicensed driver provided that a licensed driver is present and able to immediately take control of the boat. Boats must not be operated by unlicensed drivers while being towable by another person, such as someone waterskiing, riding a tube or toboggan.

Is it possible to drive a boat on a NSW Licence?

New South Wales (NSW), and Australian Capital Territory, (ACT) are not the only ones that require a license. If you plan on driving a boat at over 10 knots or 18 kilometres an hour, you will need a general license for boating.