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What are the movements in the coronal plane

The Coronal Plane for Movement
Coronal plan movements occur at the imaginary pane. This means that you can abduct (move away) or adduct (“move towards the midline”)

It is also important to understand what movements take place in the frontal plane.

Squats are forward motion and backward motion. They would also fit in the sagittal plane. For a better understanding of motion along the frontal plane, you can imagine jumping jacks or sidebends.

Also, learn about the exercises in the sagittal plan. Exercises in the sagittal plane involve forward and backward movement, as well as flexion and extension. Sagittal plane strength training exercises include bicep curls and squats. The sagittal plane also includes front deltoid lifts, overhead press and lunges.

What movements are therefore possible in the sagittal plane

The sagittal plane is a vertical plane that divides your body into right and left sides. Flexion as well as extension are two types of movement that occur in this plane. These include kicking a football and chest pass in netball. Walking, jumping, squatting, and kicking a ball. The frontal plane - moves from side to side and divides your body into the back and front.

What is the motion of a deadlift?

Deadlifting requires stability or motion in all three planes. The sagittal plan is the most obvious. As we raise the bar off the ground, we move through the Sagittal Plan. The frontal plane is the second plane of motion, and represents side-toside motion.