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What are the benefits of self-etching primer?

Primer for fiberglass and metals called self-etching primer. It includes zinc and phosphoric acid. The acid etching agent removes any surface imperfections and deposits zinc. This gives the acid a rough surface to grip onto. The Rust-oleum selfetching primer can be applied in just 15 minutes. This can help speed up your paint job.

What is the purpose of self-etching primer?

Rust-OleumA (r) Self Etching Primer can be used to prepare aluminum, bare metal and fiberglass surfaces in order to ensure maximum adhesion and smoothness for the topcoat. Self Etching Primer can be used as a rust-preventive coating. It is applied in one coat and it can be used to prime and etch.

Do you need primer for self-etching? Self Etching Primer. After you have removed the rust from your car's metal, will need for self-etching primer. However, it doesn't prevent the rust problem from getting worse. To make self-etching primer fully effective, you must ensure that the bare metal has been cleaned thoroughly.

You may then wonder, "What is the difference between self-etching primers and regular primers?"

A primer must be used over self-etching primers to ensure that paint adheres. It cannot be an epoxy primer but it can be either a urethane prime. Talk to your paint dealer to find out the time between primer and topcoat.

Is it possible to paint over self-etching primers?

It is not possible to paint directly on etch primer. It must be covered with a primer or another primer/sealer.