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Is it possible to replace the car's radio with a touch screen display?

It is not necessary to have a stock stereo in your vehicle. Touch screen car stereos allow you to change the radio station and adjust the volume of the stereo with a single touch. Installing your touch screen car stereo yourself saves you hundreds of dollars and reduces labor costs.

You may then ask, "Can you put a touch-screen radio in an older vehicle?"

Yes you can indeed! There are two options and the spaces between them are limited to the dash after . Remove your older stereo.

How do I fix my car's touchscreen? For each foot of the screen, apply a dime-sized amount of petroleum jelly. For approximately one minute, rub the petroleum jelly all over the screen. To fill in any cracks, add more jelly if needed. Use a soft cloth to remove any excess jelly.

It is also worth knowing how much it costs to install a touch screen radio in your car.

It came with a backup camera, but I already have one on my vehicle. There are only 7 remaining in stock. More on the way. Amazing upgrade from OEM Nissan Sentra stereo. The price for the dual capacitive touch screen is unbeatable.

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Which car radio has the best touch screen?

Car Stereo with Touch Screen Reviews (Newest Models).

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  2. Kenwood DDX770 Touch Screen Car Stereo.
  3. Pioneer AVH-210EX Digital Media Car Stereo Receiver.
  4. Kenwood DDX25BT 2-Din in-Dash DVD Monitor Bluetooth Receiver.
  5. Pioneer AVH-210EX WVGA Display Multimedia DVD Receiver.