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How can I create a release within VSTS

Step 1 - Create a new build definition
  1. Go to the Create and Release tabs in your portal.
  2. Choose Builds from the ribbon in Build and Release tab.
  3. Create new Definition by clicking on +New.
  4. Choose your type of application from the list of available templates.
  5. Click on Next.

How do I create a release for Azure DevOps, you ask?

Select Build and then Release. To manage deployments to Azure, the Azure DevOps team created an release definition. Click on the Edit button next to your release description. A pipeline is part of the release definition. It defines the release process.

You may also wonder what release definition is in VSTS. The Release Definition RM relies on a concept called a "release definition" to know how to perform all these tasks. The release description is basically a set of instructions that will be used to create a particular release. The Releases section of VSTS's Build and Release hub creates a release definition.

You may also be curious about how to create a TFS release.

Create an release in TFS2015 / VSTS Release Manager

  1. Figure 1: For the release process, add your build to the artifacts sources.
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  3. Figure 3: The password for the target machine is saved as a secret variable in the Configuration section.

What is build and Release in DevOps

Responsibilities for DevOps Engineers and Build and Release Engineers. DevOps developers create pipelines to deliver tools, stacks and other support for their development teams. Automation tools like Ansible, Version One or Jenkins are used by build and release engineers to speed up the process of building, fixing bugs and releasing programs.