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Do you pay for Southwest Rapid Rewards?

Earn Rapid Rewards Points with a Credit Card
Sign up bonus: You can earn the coveted Southwest Companion Pass by spending $1,000 in the first three months of your account opening. The annual fee is $99.

Consider this: Are Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Free?

Enrolling in the Rapid Rewards program will allow you to earn points on Southwest flights. It's free. You will earn 12 points for every dollar you spend on "Business Select" fares, ten points for every dollar on "Anytime" and six points for every dollar you spend on "Wanna Get Away".

You may also wonder if you can pay for hotels using Southwest points. You can also use your Rapid Rewards points to book hotel stays or car rentals. You will not receive the same redemption value. To book hotels or car rentals with points, you must have a Southwest credit card. Redeem your Southwest Rewards points in the "Redeem More Reward" section of the Southwest website.

How much does it cost to purchase Southwest points?

The price for Southwest Points varies depending upon how many you buy at once. Purchases between 2,000 and 4,500 Points cost 3c each, while Purchases between 5,000 and 60,000 Points cost 2.75c each.

What is the Southwest Rapid Rewards system?

Rapid Rewards. Rapid Rewards. You can also buy more points to get the reward that you want. Book a vacation without worrying too much about blackout dates.