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Did the story of the outsiders come from a true story or was it fabricated?

The Outsiders can be described as a non-fictional book. Fiction means that it isn't a true story, while non-fiction means that it isn't fiction.

Is the show based on a true story?

No, "The Outsider" is not based upon a true story. It is, thankfully! Stephen King imagined this story, which focuses on a dark and inexplicable crime.

Is it still illegal to have outsiders around? S.E. S.E. Hinton's novel is currently at #43 on American Library Association's banned lists. The book is most often banned because it depicts gangs or gang violence.

What was the inspiration for outsiders?

Susan Eloise Hinton was a child of the 1950s in Tulsa. She started The Outsiders when she was fifteen. inspired from her frustration at the social divisions in high school and the insufficient fiction for high.

Who are the true outsiders among the outsiders

These are the main characters of The Outsiders. They include Ponyboy Curtis and Darry Curtis. Sodapop Curtis is also featured. Two-Bit Mathews has Steve Randle, Dally Winston and Johnny Cade.