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Why would you want to work in oncology?

The Joys & Challenges of Oncology and Nursing
Oncology nurses are passionate about making a difference in patients' quality of life, even if their cancer is very advanced. Every day you spend with a patient with cancer is an opportunity to make their lives better. This makes the job worth it.

The same goes for oncology.

You can build relationships with patients and their families that are unlike any other subspecialty. The oncologist is a provider of treatment and a gatekeeper for all other providers once a patient has been diagnosed with cancer. Oncology is also challenging.

Also, why should I choose to work in pediatric cancer? Pediatric oncology nurses are trained to work with children suffering from cancer of any age. While working in pediatric oncology can be very difficult, it can also be a very rewarding job. Pediatric oncology allows nurses to combine both their passion for cancer treatment and their love of children.

Similarly, why did oncology nursing become your choice?

Nurses who have a passion for patient care and family relationships are well-suited for oncology nursing. Oncology nurses must be meticulous as medication administration can be complex.

What's it like to be an oncology nurse.

Your oncology nurse will help you and your family monitor your condition, provide medication and chemotherapy advice, and offer support and comfort. Oncology nurses are just like all nurses: they have heart, compassion and spirit.