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Why do wood roaches come inside?

They need a moist environment to survive and breed outdoors. The wood-cockroach consumes organic matter that is decaying, such as leaf litter and rotting trees. They won't harm your home's furniture or structure. If they do manage to get into your home, they will be a nuisance.

You might also ask, "Can wood roaches infest my house?"

Wood roaches aren't able to infest homes as easily as other types of roaches. However, they can be found inside your home. They will often ride on firewood bundles brought into their homes. Males are often attracted to lights in your home at night, so they may crawl through windows or other openings.

You might also wonder what attracts tree-roaches. Wood Roaches who live indoors don't like to stay for too long as they can't survive in buildings. They are also attracted by light and will not scurry off if the lights turn on. To find these pests outdoors, you can look for leaf litter, woodpiles, and decaying logs.

How can I keep wood roaches away from my home?

Take care of the house, especially the bathroom, and clean it up.

How do you distinguish a cockroach and a woodroach?

Wood cockroaches can grow to 3/4 inch or 1 inch long. Male wood cockroaches tend to be closer towards 1 inch, while females are closer toward 3/4 of an in. The wood cockroach is similar to other roaches and can be found under organic material.