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Why do we summarize?

Summarizing is a great tool. It helps students to identify key ideas and consolidate the details that support them. It allows students to concentrate on key words and phrases in a given text that are important and worth remembering.

What is the point of a summary, other than this?

A summary gives a concise and objective overview of the main ideas and key features of a text. A summary usually has one to three paragraphs, or 100 to 300 words depending on how complex the original essay was and who the summary is being addressed.

What are the benefits of summarizing your reading? There are three major benefits to summarizing what you have read.

  • Summarizing is key to productive study sessions. Producing something is the key to any study session that succeeds.
  • Summarizing allows you to find the key points and details.
  • Summarizing helps save time during review sessions.

How can we sum up?


  1. Take the time to read the text or passage in its entirety.
  2. You can highlight or underline the main points of the text with a pencil, or you can make notes on the margins of another piece of paper or the other sheet of paper.
  3. You can summarize an entire essay by describing the argument of the author.

Summarizing is an important skill.

Summarizing is an essential skill in academic writing. This allows you to take the most significant points out of a text and then rewrite them in your own words or in a shorter form. A good summary shows that you understand the text.