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Why are the Easter eggs of the Greeks red?

To represent Christ's blood, Easter eggs are dyed red. The egg represents the empty rock tomb, from which Jesus Christ rose after his Crucifixion. It serves as a universal greeting and presentation to Christian believers. However, it also represents the eternal life experience that awaits true believers after death.

Know also, why did the Greeks dye their eggs red.

The Greek Tradition of Dying Eggs Red Greeks follow the custom of dyeing eggs red to represent Christ's blood. Also, the egg reminds us of His tomb. Cracking an egg represents Christ's resurrection.

Also, find out why eggs are dyed red. Easter eggs in Eastern Catholic and Orthodox Churches are dyed red to symbolize the blood of Christ. The hard shell of an egg also symbolises the sealed Tomb of Christ. This symbolism is used to signify Christ's resurrection from the dead.

Find out what color Easter eggs are dyed in Greece.


How are Easter eggs painted in Greece?

An Orthodox tradition is to dye Easter eggs deep red. The red symbolises life, victory, and the blood of Jesus Christ. A game known as tsougrisma, which is pronounced TSOO'grees-mah and played at Greek-Orthodox Easter parties uses red-colored eggs.