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Why are my Dracena leaves falling off?

Dracaena plants cannot stand being in wet soil. They will drop their leaves to let you know. Check to see if your plant is receiving too much water. If you notice that the roots are rotting and the soil seems soggy, it is likely that the root cause of the leaves falling off is dracaena.

It is also asked how often you water your Dracena plants.

It is better to have too little than too many, but don’t let the soil become dry. Watering once per week is sufficient. Dracaena enjoys a light misting twice or three times per week, particularly during winter.

How do you revive a Dracaena plant? Trim the roots with scissors if you find them. This will ensure that only healthy, white roots remain. To provide the best environment, replant the corn plant with loamy soil rich in peat. Place rocks or pebbles in the pot's bottom to ensure drainage.

Do Dracaena flowers ever grow back?

Dracaena can be grown outdoors in USDA plant hardiness zones 10, 11, but it is more commonly used as a houseplant. It is easy to prune dracaena trees. These robust plants can withstand trimmings without much complaint. You can also cut dracaena down to any height you wish.

What amount of sunlight does a dracaena require?

Light: A semi-shade area or indoor light is ideal. Avoid placing a dracaena flower in direct sunlight as it will burn its leaves. Water: Dracaena requires less water than other indoor plants.