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Why are Flavius and Marullus put to death?

He tells them that Flavius, Marullus and others were put to silence because they pulled the scarves from Caesar's statues. Casca suggests that the tribunes were executed for their actions.

Considering this, why are Flavius & Marullus penalized?

A statue of Caesar is located in the city. It is decorated to his honor. Flavius and Marullus remove the decorations from Caesar’s statue during the triumphal parade. Both are punished after this incident is reported to Caesar. They are both removed from office because of this.

What does it mean to be silenced? SERVILIA : This is just a euphemism Ralphayou know, a better way to say something harsh. Caesar killed them by putting them to silencea in this instance.

It is also worth knowing what happened to Flavius & Marullus in Act 1, Scene 2.

This fear is a sign of what's to come. Casca informs Cassius, Brutus, and Act 1 that the Flavius and Marullus, Caesar's political foes, were caught robbing the statues. They were put to silence. Shakespeare cannot explain the meaning.

Who are Flavius & Murellus?

Two Roman tribunes, Flavius (or Marullus), appear in the opening scene of the play. Both men are similar in that they support Pompey during his defeat, and hate the fact that commoners crowd the streets to celebrate Caesar’s return to power after his victory over Pompey’s sons.