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Which reagent Cannot be used to prepare alkyl halide from an alcohol?

Solution: NaCl can't be used to make alkyl chlorides of alcohols.

People also ask: How do you make an alkyl-halide into alcohol?

Alkyl halides are formed when alcohols are treated with HCl or HBr (all falling under the catch-all aHXa, where X is a halide). This happens in by a two-step process. First, the alcohol must be protonated to create its conjugate acid. The second step is a substitution.

The next question is: What does PBr3 do with an alcohol? PBr3 is the best reagent for primary and secondary alcohols. To make an alkyl halide, hydrogen bromide is used if the alcohol has tertiary. If we want to make an alkyl chlorineide, the situation is similar.

Which method is best for preparing alkylhalides?

Reacting HX (X= Cl or Br) with an alkene via electrophilic adding or reacting alcohols via substitution with PCl5, red P, and I3, or PCl5, PBr3, red I2, or SOCl2, are some of the most common preparation methods. Another important proration method involves free radical substitution of alkanes by reaction with X2 under heat or uv-light.

Is HCl an Alkyl Halide?

Alkyl halides can often be synthesized from alcohols. This is because they substitute a halogen for the hydroxyl group. This substitution can be achieved using hydrochloric ( ), hydrobromic, and hydroiodic acids. They are most effective when used in conjunction with tertiary alcohols.