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Which of the following is an example of internal data?

What are some examples for internal data sources? Customer profiles, sales analysis reports, inventory analysis and production reports, cost analyses and marketing budgets, profit-and loss statements, and cost analyses are some examples of internal data sources.

You might also ask: What are internal data?

To make decisions and ensure success, internal data is data that is gathered from within the company. A company can collect internal data in four areas: finance, marketing, sales, and human resources. To determine revenue, profit, or the bottom line, internal sales data is collected.

The next question is: What are internal sources of information? (A) Internal sources: Accounting information (Trading profit & loss A/c and Balance sheets of different years), salesmen’s reports, statistics related to advertisement expenditures, transportation costs, etc. are all internal sources.

Also, ask yourself: What are the internal and external sources for data?

Information generated within a business covers areas such as personnel, operations, maintenance, and finance. External data is gathered from the market, customers and competitors. These include data from surveys, questionnaires and customer feedback.

What is an example source of sales data?

Sales Data may include revenue, profitability distribution channels, price points customer personas and gaps between what customers are buying and what they are producing.