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Where is the name Desiree from?

Desiree is the English name. It comes from the French DA(c]sirA (c)e, which derives its name from the Late Latin adesideratuma, which means 'desired or wished'. The male form of Desiree is DA(c]sirA (c), which is the name of a French saint from 6th century who helped to popularize it in medieval France.

This being said, where did the name Desiree come from?


What does the name Desiree stand for? Desiree is a French Baby Names name. The meaning for the name Desiree in French Baby is: Desired. The one you want. Famous bearer: Napoleon Bonaparte’s mistress.

Is Desiree a common surname?

National Statistics DESIREE ranks 855th in America for most popular given names with a population of 45,815. For every 100,000 Americans, there are 14.37 named DESIREE.

What is the biblical meaning for the name Desiree in the Bible?

Desiree. Desiree is a French word that means desired. The name comes from the French desiree (‘desired’). According to some, numbers are the key to our innermost personality. Every letter in your Christian name has an equivalent number.