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Where is Savoy cabbage grown

Savoy cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. Sabauda L., or Brassica Oleracea Savoy Cabbage group), is a variety from the plant species Brassica Oleracea. Savoy cabbage, a winter vegetable, is one of many types. It is believed to have originated in England and the Netherlands.

How do you also harvest Savoy cabbage?

The cabbages should be ready for harvest by the end of November. It is important to remove the stalks after the heads are cut. Otherwise, they will grow and eat valuable nutrients.

You might also wonder, "Where does cabbage grow?" While cabbage can be grown all over the United States of America, 78 percent (fresh market and processing) of total cabbage production is concentrated in five states: California, Wisconsin New York, Florida, Texas, and New York.

This begs the question: How long does it take for savoy to mature?

70-110 days

What is the difference between Savoy and napa cabbages?

The leaves have a texture and wrinkly appearance similar to savoy leaves. Large Napa leaf can be used as Savoy leaves to wrap grain or meat-based fillings. It can also be shred for stir-frying and slaw. Napa cabbage is slightly milder than Savoy, and it also has a delicate texture.