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Where and when did Jacques Cartier pass away?

Cartier lived the remainder of his life in Saint-Malo, and on his estate nearby. He was often a good interpreter in Portuguese. He died of an unknown cause at 65 years old on September 1, 1557. Cartier is buried in Saint-Malo Cathedral.

This begs the question: Where did Jacques Cartier travel?

Lawrence River. The French navigator Jacques Cartier fled France by boat in April 2015 and was ordered by the king to search for gold, spices, and a water route from France to Asia. Cartier, two months later, sailed into eastern Canada's waters via the St. Lawrence River on June 9.

Secondly, when was Jacques Cartier's death? He died in September 1557 at the age of 66. He had married Catherine Des Granches in 1519, the daughter of Jacques Des Granches. She was a chevalier du roi, constable of Saint-Malo, and she died on April 15, 1575. It seems that they did not have children.

Secondly, at what point did Jacques Cartier return from his first voyage?

Jacques Cartier's First Voyage – 1534 - First Encounters & Head Donnacona. Jacques Cartier, 2 ships and 61 people set sail from St. Malo in Brittany on April 20, 1534.

What was Jacques Cartier's job?

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