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What's the purpose of a scraper ring, you ask?

scraper ring. The bottom ring of a piston is responsible for scraping lubricating oils from the walls of a reciprocating motor's cylinder walls. This keeps oil from entering the combustion chamber of a cylinder. Also known as a wiper ring.

People often ask what a scraper rings is.

Definition of scraper rings. A piston ring that is used to remove excess oil from the cylinder wall in order to prevent it entering the combustion chamber.

Also, learn about the flame ring in an engine. A fire ring, or oil scraper rings, prevents hard oil carbon deposits from forming on top of the piston. The fire ring removes any oil carbon deposits that have formed on the piston's top surface as the piston passes through the top dead centre.

What is the purpose and function of an oil ring in this context?

The oil ring has multiple functions. It removes oil from the walls of the cylinder as the piston goes down. Separates the combustion chamber from the oil chamber, and prevents pressure leakage in the combustion chamber.

What is a piston cleaning ring?

To prevent excessive deposits from building up on the top of the piston crown, the PC ring was added to the engine design. By its inner diameter, the PC-ring spacing the top of the piston as it approaches TDC during each stroke prevents excessive deposits.