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What's included in Haven on Norwegian?

This suite includes a bedroom with luxury bath and separate living and dining areas. Up to four people can sleep here. Available on Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Jewel, Norwegian Bliss, and Norwegian Pearl.

Another question is: What is the Haven on Norwegian?"

Only keycard holders have access to the Haven, which is an all-suite section on Norwegian Cruise Line ships. You can enjoy a relaxing sunbath or a refreshing drink on the sundeck while you travel to a new port. It is located at the top of the ship.

Is the Haven on Norwegian really worth it? The Haven on Norwegian is worth every penny if you have the means to afford it. It's your sanctuary. The Haven offers many private areas for relaxation and retreat, including a covered pool, sundeck, bar, and restaurant.

What Norwegian cruise ships also have this feature?

The Haven can be found on these Norwegian Cruise Line ships:

  • Norwegian Getaway.
  • Norwegian Breakaway.
  • Norwegian Epic.
  • Norwegian Gem.
  • Norwegian Jade.
  • Norwegian Jewel.
  • Norwegian Pearl.

What is included in Haven Suites

The Haven guests enjoy priority embarkation and departure, priority tender board, priority tender boarding and an espresso/cappuccino machine per suite. Gourmet pillow treats are delivered every evening. Luxury linens and other amenities are also available. The Norwegian Escape offers access to The Haven in ninety-five of its suites.