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What's in a smudgestick?

Smudge sticks are bundles made of herbs such as white sage, lavender or Yerba Santo and tied together with twine. These herbs can be burned to cure illness, repel negative energy, cleanse space, people, or groups. This tradition dates back thousands of years. Native Americans used sweetgrass and sage in their ceremonies.

Then, which smudge sticks should I use?

Smudge Stick There are many options: sweet grass, lavender, cedar and sweetgrass. Palo santo is my personal favorite, a South American wood. It has a refreshing, minty and sweet flavor that is perfect for everyday usage. White sage is the most popular and well-known herb for smudging.

Do you ever open your windows while smudging? Smudging can be used as a way to remove negative energy from any area and can be done whenever necessary. While smudging, it's a good idea to keep a door or windows open. Negative energy must have somewhere to go. Negativity won't leave if there's no way out.

So, what are your thoughts on burning sage?

This is an example of a prayer. After you're done, you can say thank you to them and the Sage.

Is smudging effective?

Sage smoke is fast absorbed into the body and delivers it to the brain. Scientists have found that sage is capable of removing up to 94% of the airborne bacteria from a room and disinfecting the air. Negative ions are released when sage is burnt, which can be linked to positive mood.