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What would happen if it were a concurrent jurisdiction

Concurrent jurisdiction permits more than one court the power to hear the same case. This applies to both civil and criminal cases. A person can file for divorce in many states in either the local district court, family court or any other district court.

People also ask: What would happen if there were concurrent jurisdictions?

Explanation: A concurrent jurisdiction allows more than one court the power to hear a similar case. This occurs in both criminal and common cases. A person can file for separation in many states.

What happens if the concurrent jurisdiction situation is the plaintiff files in the state courts? A plaintiff may file a case in a state trial court, where concurrent jurisdiction applies. The defendant can (or not) request that the case is removed to federal court.

Know what concurrent jurisdiction means?

Concurrent jurisdiction is when two or more courts from different system simultaneously have jurisdiction over one case. Forum shopping is a result of this situation. Parties will attempt to have their criminal or civil case heard in the court they feel will be most supportive.

Is the Supreme Court able to have concurrent jurisdiction?

Because these cases were not explicitly conferred upon the lower federal courts, the Supreme Court was to have concurrent jurisdiction over any remaining suits to which a state was party.