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What was the message of preachers such as George Whitefield who were evangelical?

George Whitefield was an American preacher who also led revival meetings in England and the American colonies. He was a religious icon, spreading a message of personal salvation as well as a more democratic Christianity.

Also, was it possible to ask: What was the message of this great awakening?

The Great Awakening, a religious revival, impacted America's colonies during the 1730s-1740s. This movement was born at a time when secular rationalism was being promoted and religion passion had become stale.

What was George Whitefield's reputation for? George Whitefield (1714-1770). George Whitefield was a founding member of the Methodist movement along with John Wesley (and Charles Wesley). He was an Anglican evangelist, and the leader among Calvinistic Methodists. He was also the most well-known preacher of both the Evangelical Revival in Great Britain (and the Great Awakening in America).

Second, what would you say about Whitefield's message for rebirth?

STEPHEN MARITI: Whitefield experienced what he calls spiritual rebirth. This is defined as the transformation of the soul through the Holy Spirit. Boom! We're back to the perennially radical Protestant idea that God and each individual human soul are in an immediate connection.

What can the portrait of George Whitefield tell us about Great Awakening-era religious revivals

Between the 1730s-1740s, the First Great Awakening (or sometimes Great Awakening), was a series or revivals of Christianity that swept Britain and its Thirteen Colonies. As followers sought to restore individual piety, the revival movement permanently affected Protestantism.