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What was the effect of Pearl Harbor's bombing?

Japan's surprise attack upon Pearl Harbor would force the United States into World War II. This conflict would culminate in Japan's surrender following the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Hiroshima in August 1945. The Pearl Harbor attack seemed like a success at first.

It is also asked: What were the motives for Pearl Harbor's attack?

Since war was inevitable for Japan, Japan's only hope was to create surprise and destroy America's navy as soon as possible. Japan wanted to invade the Dutch East Indies, Malaya and other territories that could supply important natural resources like oil and rubber.

How did Pearl Harbor impact the war? On December 7, 1941, the Attack on Pearl Harbor took place. Japanese planes surprised the US Navy in Pearl Harbor. They killed many soldiers and destroyed many ships. This attack was the reason that the United States entered World War II.

What happened to Pearl Harbor after the bombing?

Two hours of bombing saw 18 U.S. vessels sink or be damaged, 188 U.S. planes destroyed and 2,403 people killed. All this took place as the U.S., Japan and other countries were engaged in diplomatic negotiations to achieve possible peace in Asia. On the day following the attack, President Franklin D.

What was the duration of the Pearl Harbor attack?

The majority of US fighter aircraft had been destroyed by 0800 hours. To prevent sabotage, they were lined up at the airfields. Most of the damage to the ships at Pearl Harbor was done by the torpedo aircrafts. The torpedo attack took about 11 minutes, and was quickly followed by bombers.