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What type of poem is choose something like a star?

swag english. Type of poem- Choose something like a Star. An ode is an ode. An ode is a lyrical poem that praises a subject or event. In this poem, a star is being celebrated.

What is the theme for Choose Something Like a Star?

The poem is about the struggle of love and asks what we can do to make it perfect like a star. This poem has a scientific element, but it concerns a man asking his love what he can do to get a love that is so strong it is like a star.

Also, when was Robert Frost's runaway? 1918

Robert Frost also wrote a book that was reminiscent of a star.

The poem is about humanity's need to be reassured by a higher power. While some people use religion to feel reassured, others prefer science for comfort. Frost mixes these two genres of thought, blending various aspects into Frost's urgent plea for help to the star.

What would an early leaf look like?

Nature's first green, gold, is Her most difficult hue to hold. Her first leaf's is a flower, but only for an hour. The Leaf becomes Leaf. So Eden fell to grief. So dawn descends to day.